Seasonal and Special Offers


Fall is Here

Has your vehicle missed a service?

Do you have foggy headlights?

Make sure to get your vehicle checked out before Winter sets in.  HFA goes through your vehicle during a 20k or 40k service.  HFA checks tires, brakes, battery, computer systems, replacing filters, and other checks and service.  Mention this add and get a 10% discount.

Do your headlights not light up the road like they used to?  May be time to replace the assemblies.  m3ention this add and get a 10% discount.

Veterans Receive a 5% Discount

Any US military or active service member will receive 5% discount on any repair over $100.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.


Stinky Vehicle? Want To Freshen Up The Air?

Is your vehicle smelling a little stale?  Kids spilling a little too much food and drink?  Add a 24 hour Ozone Service to any other service for $30.  Let this chemical free machine run in your vehicle and smell the difference.  Add a second vehicle for $20.  This service can be completed on non-Volkswagen or Audi vehicles. 

This offer can be combined or added to any other offer.