Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Customer Kudos and Testimonials

From Benjamin K. Medford, Yelp Review

Ok, HFA...I'm gonna get personal on you and you deserve it! A shop of your honesty, technical know-how, and customer service is to be applauded, celebrated, and shared with others.

On a personal note, I had to be treated for a serious illness at Providence Medical Center a few blocks up the street.  I was, in all honesty, in a life or death situation, and the treatment requires me to be hospitalized for a week.  I had to travel from Medford, Oregon to Portland (4.5 hours to be exact) for this treatment by car, and then have a driver take me back home when it was complete.

So, when you arrive in Portland and your much loved, but not-so-trusty 2002 VW Eurovan (Stan) decides to rear its electrical-problem head, you know it's not going to be good.  On my last visit to Providence, I had noted HFA as a possible option in case of an emergency, and I'm glad I did.   A quick phone call to a gentleman named Frank from my hospital bed, and he knew he could help.  He was confident, but not cocky, and extremely honest sounding--he was all I could bank on from my position, but I took it.  I quickly learned he knew his VW's;  After getting Stan the Van to Frank , he was able to exceed expectations and call me back within just a few hours of dropping it off with a detailed, thorough, and empathetic (read: not cheap) repair report.  His explanation, his honesty, and his commitment to getting it done with his partner to help out our situation really gave me confidence--and this coming from a guy who is very picky about his shops.  They didn't have much time to order the parts and install them before the weekend, but he knew it could happen and he made it happen...He mad absolutely sure it would be ready, and his tech, named Zach, was right there with him all along.  I'll be honest, it's not easy to shell out the big bucks over the phone when you don't know how it will turn out--rest assured, these guys are for real--not the shady type.

Zach talked me through the repair as well and interacted with my mother, who picked up the vehicle.  Based on my thorough knowledge of these pain-in-the-arse vans, and my great local shop in Medford (Aaaron's AutoWerks), I knew this place was for real, and I knew that my repair was done with excellence, care, and professionalism on the customer service side.  My mother, an older woman, felt safe, totally respected, and seemed to have a great interaction with everyone at the shop.

They offered a very nice new customer discount and refused to accept a tip when we offered it.  These guys are A+ from the bottom of my heart, you really saved us a lot of pain and discomfort in the long run; had we been unable to repair Stan the Van, we would have still been up there a few days after my discharge. Yikes.

Cheers--you have my business anytime I need a great shop in PDX!

Here is an amazing testimonial from Sarah H. from Portland, Oregon

(Yes, we are blushing)

"This is a great place to bring Volkswagens for auto repair. When I bought a 2001 VW Cabrio in April 2008 I was told that there might be a small problem with the car. Once in awhile on the freeway there would be small hiccups. The previous owners took it around to several shops but none were able to diagnose the problem, although they sold them very expensive new parts that didn't really enhance performance. They thought it was fixed but warned that it might reoccur.

Well, driving down the freeway about two weeks after I bought the car I experienced one of the hiccups. I took it to an auto place I'd taken my previous car (Kia Sephia) and they admitted they didn't have a clue. They told me they'd have to experience the problem for diagnosis but since the hiccups were so random they couldn't really do anything, especially since it was a German made car. They told me the engine is completely different than American made cars so they were at a complete loss. At least they were honest.

So, I began my Internet search for a place that knows about Volkswagens. I read several reviews on various sites saying that Hans' Foreign Auto was the best place for Volkswagens so I made an appointment.

The mechanic went above and beyond what any of the other shops' mechanics did. After listening to my description of the problem, he drove the car around for awhile until he experienced the hiccups firsthand. There was just a small part that needed to be replaced. The entire transaction was considerably inexpensive compared to the hundreds the previous owners spent with no results.

The car hasn't hiccuped since Hans' fixed the problem.

Since then, I've taken my car in for a tune up and other small repairs. Yesterday I took my car in because the check engine light was on. They quickly found the problem was the gas cap was loose. I feel very silly I didn't check that (part of the problem of not pumping one's own gas) but I didn't even think that would affect the check engine indicator. They were very quick, very friendly and professional and didn't charge me.

I also appreciate that when I call to schedule appointments I'm often able to see them the same day or the next. Also, I think they are very reasonable. I see so many Volkswagens on the road so I was surprised when I bought my Cabrio that so few places service them.

Since this is a small shop there isn't much of a waiting area but there are a few local coffee shops within a short walking distance where you can be more comfortable while you wait.

I am very grateful to know that if I ever have a problem with my car I can always take it to Hans' where they are both knowledgeable and friendly."

New Customer, Nathan C., from Aloha stated on Yelp:

Wow! As a former mechanic of 7 years I can say with confidence that these mechanics are the friendliest and most efficient guys I've ever dealt with when it comes to car repairs. No BS, straight forward honest guys. Not only did they quote me less than any other shop, they're mechanical expertise saved me a ton of money and headache compared to my experiences elsewhere. These are the only mechanics I'll ever bring my VW to again, the two people who gave these guys poor reviews are just whiners who probably enjoy a good piss n' pout about most things in life.

Jan from Portland, Oregon says: 

Good work. I have taken VWs to Hans for several years. They have always done the work properly and correctly. I have no complaints as to any part of my business with Hans Foreign Auto. I recommend this shop for people with foreign cars. I can only speak personally of VW cars, which they have always fixed nicely; but I think any German car will be well looked-after here. They have never gouged me on the price, either, which I appreciate. Nice people.

Frank from Portland, Oregon says:

"Independent mechanics?? My choice for our Honda AND our VW is Hans Foreign Auto in Portland.

Good Honest Work.  I have been a customer for more than ten years now. Thanks guys!"

Lucas from Portland, Oregon says:

"Honest and friendly The guys at Hans' were recommended to me from a friend about two years ago and they've been the best mechanics I've ever taken a vehicle to. Jason does great work and is honest about what is going on, keeps you informed, and talks strait. He knows what common problems are associated with different makes and models and doesn't try to sell a bunch of labor you don't need. My '99 Tacoma is runnin' like a champ! Thanks Hans', you guys rock!"

Longtime customer, Lindy, from Portland says:

"I love Hans' Foreign Auto Service.  I have been taking my VW's there since 1994.  They have worked on my Jetta, our Passat wagon and now our beloved Eurovan.  I have recommended Hans' to many friends and will continue doing so.  Thanks guys!"